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urun_hak.jpgAlternative Plastic endeavors to manufacture about useful and correct way usage of water which is the source of life in the environment in which the water decreases fast. It continues adding new products to its portfolio by R&D studies.

Alternative Plastic was founded in 1998 to work in the fields of manufacturing and marketing of main transmission pipes and attachments of agricultural and out door sprinkler system and drip pipes attachments.

Alternative Plastic can manufacture 10 million transmission pipes with different pressures, from 16 mm to 110 mm with the Extrusion machinery with modern computer in the Organized Industry Zone. It has 360 types and 30 million attachment manufacturing capacity with the latest technology workhorse injection machinery. Alternative Plastic has the 9001 Quality Systems. It manufactures in accordance with Agricultural Credit Facility and it has TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) certificate. Our products has 5 year guarantee which is certified by Ministry of Industry. It is happy for directing the water in the most correct, economical and qualified way.